Leadership Team

A Curated Collection of Experts

Brad W. Blumberg

Chief Executive Officer
Brad W. Blumberg has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Smarter Agent since the company’s inception. Smarter Agent was incorporated in 2000 as a mobile-location application research and development company and converted to an LLC as the company raised outside private equity in 2008. Prior to Smarter Agent, Mr. Blumberg served as President of Blumberg Asset Management, a firm with real estate related interests (including the first dollars in Smarter Agent) that dates to Mr. Blumberg’s start as a real estate developer while in graduate school in 1988. Mr. Blumberg holds a Master’s from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts and a BA in Policy and Management from Dickinson College. The common theme in Mr. Blumberg’s work is his passion to increase our awareness of the world around us. Starting in fields associated as the traditional arbiters of “the meaning of place” such as architecture, planning and development, Mr. Blumberg was one of the first to recognize how technologies such as social, local and mobile communication mediums could revamp how we learn and interact with people, businesses and places. This led to the founding of Smarter Agent with his brother Eric Blumberg and their subsequent award of five groundbreaking patents in mobile location-based search as well as the creation of mobile location-based applications that sparked many of the app development concepts booming today. Under Mr. Blumberg’s direction, Smarter Agent is again pushing the envelope creating the first mobile enterprise application platform capable of powering millions of applications across all mobile operating systems that will allow businesses to fully engage customers in the mobile space.

Eric Blumberg

Eric M. Blumberg has served as our President, Chief Technology Officer and Strategist since Smarter Agent’s inception. Eric created one of the first mobile location-based applications in the United States. Over a decade ago his Smarter Agent applications were used by companies such as Qualcomm, Sprint and Navteq to showcase the future power of mobile location based services. This work became the basis for the evolutionary digital process, interoperability and R&D behind Smarter Agent’s revolutionary mobile platform. Mr. Blumberg is one of the most knowledgeable mobile application experts in the industry with extensive experience in mobile location based services and mobile data. He is a frequent industry speaker and his Smarter Agent products and technology team have been recognized by CTIA, Dow Jones, NAR and others consistently over the past decade, including being named an AlwaysOn Top 100 mobile company and one of the Top 250 Global Innovators in 2011. Prior to Smarter Agent, Eric was a noted expert in computer animation and technology integration and served as the Director of Virtual Design at Arquitectonica. Eric is the holder of six United States patents with his co-inventor Brad Blumberg, five related to mobile location-based search. Mr. Blumberg holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin and a Master’s in Architecture from the University of Florida.

Alex Wasilov

Executive Chairman
Alex Wasilov provides strategic direction for Smarter Agent in his role as Executive Chairman. Mr. Wasilov recently served as President and CEO of Intrawest after successfully restructuring and selling the company to Fortress Investments, a NY based Private Equity Group. He began his career at Eastman Kodak where he ultimately attained the role of Chief Operating Officer for the company’s Consumer Imaging Division. From Eastman Kodak, he was recruited to Xerox Corporation as President of Emerging Markets.  Subsequently, Mr. Wasilov was appointed from his board role to the position of President of Rosenbluth International, a $6 billion corporate travel management company which he successfully restructured and sold to American Express. Mr. Wasilov received an undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University, and sits on the Boards of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and venture-capital backed Starcite.

Philip Charles-Pierre

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Distribution
Philip Charles-Pierre is the Senior Vice President, Marketing & Distribution at Smarter Agent where he is responsible for overseeing all marketing and the private label partnerships. Charles-Pierre brings to Smarter Agent his experience building, managing and growing a successful $2 billion private label distribution business for Travelocity with clients such as American Express, AOL, Yahoo, AARP and a number of airlines and hotels as partners. Prior to Travelocity, Charles-Pierre was part of start-up Site59 helping to grow that business to $100M before being purchased by Travelocity. Before joining Smarter Agent, Philip was vice president of online marketing at Direct Brands, a vice president for digital media at Guideposts Publishing and held positions with Starwood Hotels and Resorts where he was responsible for its award-winning Loyalty program’s digital efforts. Philip received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master’s degree from Harvard University.